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Tony Greco

Tony Greco

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Check out this link for information on the 2021 Sergio Marchionne Scholarship.  This is a company run and sponsored program, we have no information on it, please follow the instructions in the package.  Click below to download and read.


2021 Sergio Marchionne Scholarship



Wap shut down weeks have been officially locked in.

One week shutdown this year, Week of July 4th, 2022.

444 News Bulletins


Attention Windsor Assembly Plant Members.
Important information regarding Employment Insurance- 
**Please read Carefully**
For those members who have deferred Vacation/PAA, remaining in their bank from the last vacation cycle, please note the proper instructions when filing for E.I. and claiming any Vacation/PAA.
You will need to know the weekly gross amounts of these deferred monies.
****Please Share*****


Important Phone Numbers

Chrysler Canada 519-973-2000
Abensence / Call-In Line 1-866-515-5541
AOL Internet 1-888-265-6303
Benefits Link 1-877-854-5465-website link
Canada Pension / Old Age Security 1-800-277-9914
Unifor Group Insurance Program 1-877-229-4677
Unifor Legal Services 519-944-5222
Pension (retiree: address, tax and banking changes) 1-800-565-0479
Chrysler Customer Service (vehicles) 1-800-465-2001
Employee Family Assistance (Substance Abuse, Counselling) 519-258-3481
Green Shield Canada 519-739-1133
Manulife Financial (S+A Claims) 519-973-2887
New Vehicle Purchase 1-866-785-8783
Windsor Assembly Plant Union Office 519-973-2842 / 519-973-2843
In-plant Benefit Rep. 519-973-2845 or 519-973-2664
Chrysler Optional Life Insurance: - 1-800-268-6195 Plan Number (13507)


Plant Address

2199 Chrysler Centre
Windsor, Ontario
N9C 1T6
Phone (519) 973-2000