Unifor Local 444

Education Committee

Our committee, in combination with the Local Union Leadership and the National Union, is constantly challenging us as to how we can best serve the educational needs of our members. Real efforts are being made to reach out to our members whose participation in the union has been limited for whatever reason and concrete attempts have been made to touch the new generation of workers in our workplaces that have no historical ties to the principles of trade unionism. All our educational initiatives; Mcmaster University, Round Table Discussions, Talking Union Leaflet, High School Presentations, Sign Language Classes, May Day Planning and the Lending Library are all goals to promote discussion and build union awareness, convey a clear understanding of our union structure and democratic process. It helps us understand how we use collective action to win gains in an individualistic society and dispel any myths or misconceptions which erode solidarity and become barriers to building our union.

We encourage our members to participate and contribute to their union by accessing other opportunities available for learning, such as the PEL program or local area one day seminars.

Through education, we will continue to strengthen our ties with workers in every sector of the economy as we work toward the just society we all see





Wayne Maclean
[email protected]
(519) 258-6400


The Committee

Wayne MacLean - Chair

Dana Dunphy - Vice Chair

Steve Morgan - Recording Secretary

Vanessa Abouhussein

Brie Beausoleil

Jon Binns

Felice Chiodo

Laurie Green

Derek Gungle

Richard Labonte

Gillian Laflamme

Angelyn Maheux

Jayson Mercier

Frank Mosey

Wendy Seguin