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***Attention Uni444 Caesars casino members ***


Caesars Update

It does not seem to make sense that one can go into all the big box stores (Costco, Home Depot, Walmart), even churches, movie theaters with *no real guidelines in place, and they all allow for a high percentage of patrons.

Casinos were one of the last places in Ontario to finally open under phase 3, and they are doing so currently at a meager portion of their capacities.

Your local leadership has continued to lobby politicians, medical officers, and industry professionals to open our Caesars and open it safely.

If anyone knows how to follow the rules and implement proper protocols, it is the Casino. Caesars has even gone so far as to hire professionals to do it *right including an epidemiologist (a scientist who studies diseases with a population of people). They have done everything not only to keep patrons safe but also our members safe.

Your leadership has recently toured the Caesar’s Windsor site and were impressed with procedures and safeguards management has implemented to keep everyone safe.

We hope that Caesars opening to 50 people will showcase our members' protocols, safety measures, and pure professionalism, leading to opening the doors to a percentage more reasonable to Caesars's capacity.

*Call Back*

The process for *calling back will go by classification and status by seniority.

Employees may voluntarily elect to remain on layoff, providing the company can recall and maintain sufficient staffing levels.

Employees can *defer up to TWO recalls. If after deferring two recalls you are not recalled, you will have to bump in the week of February 7th.

If an employee elects to remain on layoff they will be accountable to continue to file their EI claims as you are doing at this time.

*The Bumping Process*

With the opening of October 8th and 50 patron’s max capacity, and everything staying status quo the bumping process will commence November 9th.

You can only bump people who are currently working, you cannot bump someone who is on layoff.

If you took the *DEFERRAL rather than the recall you will *NOT be included in the initial bump.

Recall rights will be Classification & Status whether you defer your recall or bump into different positions until the expiry of collective agreement on April 3rd, 2021

I want to thank Darryl, Dana and the Committee who have been working diligently with Casino Management and Health & Safety to get as many of our members as possible back to work safely. We will continue to push on all levels and keep you updated as we proceed.



Please make sure the company has your correct contact information (address and phone number). If you have moved or changed your phone number please notify the company. You can either call the benefits hotline at 519-985-2859 or send an email to hrservices@caesarswindsor.com
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