Unifor Local 444

Unifor Local 444

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Benefits Update

Folks, here is the Benefits Update to help file for your Employment Insurance.

Just a reminder for those starting a new claim, the Federal Government has waived the waiting period.

Note- The reference code is for Windsor Assembly Plant members only. At the same time, the rest of the instructions are for *all our auto-related workplaces currently on lay off. (Minus workplace information)

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Attention All Local 444 Members 

If you have already registered your email, you DO NOT have to register again!
If you have not registered your email with local 444 through the link, please do so.
A vast majority of our members have registered and will be invited to future virtual meetings, as well as the ability to vote in ratification, elections etc.
If you have not registered your email please do so by following the link below 👇
**It is vital that in the registration you choose your *proper *workplace where you work***
If you have not registered your email please register here 👇👇