Unifor Local 444

Unifor Local 444

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Keeping our members informed… 

The battles that occur at the bargaining table requires negotiations to remain agile and ready to move on issues that weren't in play the day or even an hour before. Negotiations also keep bargaining deals close so that rumours do not spread, and sensitive strategies remain protected to get the best tentative agreement for our members.

You could imagine the chaos and loss of bargaining leverage resulting from a rumour mill in high gear filled with stale information because events change so quickly during the negotiation.

You all know, we are big believers in keeping you informed. During bargaining, we have to keep bargaining info close until a tentative deal is achieved. We will post/email when we can.

Thank you for all your support as we fight to bring home a contract worthy of our membership!

Trust in your Union have faith in your bargaining team and always remember our strength is in our SOLIDARITY.

Stay Safe, Be Confident, and Believe in your Worth

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In Solidarity,

Dave Cassidy



Benefits Update

Folks, here is the Benefits Update to help file for your Employment Insurance.

Just a reminder for those starting a new claim, the Federal Government has waived the waiting period.

Note- The reference code is for Windsor Assembly Plant members only. At the same time, the rest of the instructions are for *all our auto-related workplaces currently on lay off. (Minus workplace information)

View Here.




**Attention of Local 444 Retirees***

We want to connect with YOU!

Please click the link and follow the simple instructions so we can have you registered.

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Once you are registered we will be able to keep you updated on a number of issues.

As well in the near future we will be able to connect you to our Retiree meetings where you can watch live and ask questions through your computer in the comfort of your very own home. 
We are making it VERY easy. The first step is to follow this link. https://tinyurl.com/y4oy9wp5

Need more information?
Watch your chairperson Peter Pellerito walk you through the steps of signing up on Youtube https://youtu.be/Ms3UXwXCN-o