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Chapter Meeting every second (2nd) Wednesday of the Month @ 10 am (No Meetings in months of July and August)


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 Gerald Graham
Peter Pellerito – Chairperson

 Peter Pellerito
Gerry Graham – Vice Chair 

Ron Mosienko
Ron Mosienko – Financial Secretary

Gary Parent
Gary Parent
– Recording Secretary

Ray Hachey
Ray Hachey
– Sergeant at Arms

Mary Bechard
Mary Bechard
– Trustee

Christine Gillis
Christine Gillis
– Trustee

Mike Longmoore
Mike Longmoore
– Trustee 




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Please click the link and follow the simple instructions so we can have you registered.  If you are from Chrysler, the drop down menu shows Stellantis, this is the old chrysler.


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As well in the near future we will be able to connect you to our Retiree meetings where you can watch live and ask questions through your computer in the comfort of your very own home. 
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Watch your chairperson Peter Pellerito walk you through the steps of signing up on Youtube https://youtu.be/Ms3UXwXCN-o


Any Retirees looking to expand their knowledge with their computer online and avoiding fraud? 

Check this course out. 

This course will cover Internet Safety Tips as well as some base knowledge and terminology of your computer or other similar devices. We explain the "how’s" and "why’s" of things that can jeopardize your computer and your privacy. The course will focus on the safety measures needed in common, day to day computer usage and provide some digital street smarts with strategies supported by local law enforcement and endorsed by Crime Stoppers

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Elder College Registration

ASR Turst - Proving Health Care Benefits for Auto Sector Retirees

The Auto Sector Retiree Health Care Trust (asrTrust) was created in December 2010. At that time it assumed responsibility for the retiree health care benefits of Chrysler Canada Inc. (CCI) covering former employees represented by the CAW. In November 2011, CAW-represented retirees of General Motors of Canada Ltd. (GMCL) joined the Trust.

What's a Health Care Trust?

A health care trust (HCT) is an independent trust fund created to pay for health care benefits.

Money contributed to the HCT can only be used to provide health care benefits for eligible retirees and their dependents. The money cannot be touched in the future by CCI, GMCL, or their creditors.