Unifor Local 444

Employee and Family Assistance (EFAP) Committee

Supporting People

The objective of the EFAP Committee is to focus on both our members and their families’ well-being. Our committee is conscious of the stigmatization surrounding negative mental health and its role in the workplace and therefore is taking steps to help make positive changes. We are developing a greater understanding of mental health challenges and with the help of community agencies we can provide members with information materials and support. Through workshops, seminars and guest speakers we would like to end the stigmas in society by educating our members and their families.



CHAIRPERSON efapcommittee@gmail.com


Committee Members

Lori Breutigam - Chairperson

Tanya Kelly – Vice-Chairperson

George Abdullah - Recording Secretary


Bruce Malcolm

Kendall Harris

Brenda Hulett

Rachel Rankin

Eric Radke

Christina Colussi

Dawn Clarkson

Mathew Isherwood

Melissa Haskett

Jerry Logan

Mark Voligny

Kathleen Oullette

Brittany Malcolm

Cassandra Malcolm