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Unifor Local 444

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Folks I decided for this week to write my update. I hope all of you are doing well and staying safe.


We continue to meet with the company as to when they are looking to restart. No official news as of yet, but we are hoping to hear something soon.

June 4, Nevada is opening their casinos, and I know that everyone will be keeping a close eye on how that goes. In the meantime, we are going through several health and safety protocols and other procedures in the casino and will update you as the situation unfolds.


All our facilities have fans running now. Some are being fixed and moved around but for the most part, they are on... or should be turned on.

Third Shift

The start of 2 shifts with three shifts of people will start on **JUNE 22**. As of 4 pm today (pay attention because things change so damn much with this company), the third shift elimination of July 13 is still slated to go…..

We were given notice originally of March 28 of last year. We have fought through that issue, offering many different avenues, with the hopes of stalling this decision until contract negotiations where we could hash this out over a strike deadline, as of 4 pm today the company holds that the shift will be done on July 13.


On Monday the representatives from WAP will be out canvassing the senior employees for buyouts. There is a package and they will be given an offer. You will be able to read over your pension statement and your offer. You will be able to make a decision and then sign up. Timing of when you will leave and postings etc. we are still working out.

I tried taking this company to the mattresses to offer more money in the buyout. We even tried pushing for packages for new hires. We have fought these issues all the way to the top of the company. To all of it, they said they are simply “sticking to the contract”

I am sick about all of this! The company has not made any of this easy and the unwillingness has left a terrible taste in my mouth that I am sure to take with me into bargaining!!

Our fight continues……

In Solidarity

Dave Cassidy

President Local 444


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Caesars Windsor - Filing your E.I. Claim - March 2020

Windsor Assembly Plant - March 2020

Integram - March 2020

Benefits Update For: 

Angus Consulting Management, Avancez, AWC, Choice Nutritional Foods, Dakkota, Elrinklinger Canada, Etna Foods, Green for Life, HBPO, MTS, Northstar Aerospace, Peterson Spring, Presteve Foods, Southgate Residence, Sterling Fuels, Windsor Machine & Stamping, and ZF.




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