Unifor Local 444

President's Message

Detroit 3 contracts complete

Article Posted: December "444 News"

It is safe to say that we did not achieve everything in 2016 bargaining that we would have liked to accomplish.  In fact, the Master Bargaining Committee worked extremely hard and long into the night on many occasions to work out what we were able to achieve.  The fact that we were able to negotiate the largest signing/ratification bonus in our history was no small task, as well being able to keep the $2000 per year COLA payment was extremely important to us.  Improvements on the new hire grid were amongst the top demands received on the member surveys that were circulated last March.  In fact, all of the top priorities were bargained as an improvement, granted not to the extent that we all would have liked. 

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TPP, NAFTA, U.S. Election, oh my!

Article Printed in December "The Guardian"

On November 2nd a forum on the Trans Pacific Partnership was held at the Ciocaro Club of Windsor, hosted by the Canadian Labour Congress and the Council of Canadians.  Guest speakers Hassan Yussuff and Maude Barlow talked about the need for trade agreements to be fair to all jurisdictions that sign on to them and to the vast inappropriateness of signing deals that affect the Health and well-being of the Canadian people.  They were joined at the podium by youth activist Jada Malott, an 11 year old that knows more about the Trans Pacific Partnership than probably the majority of Canadians.  Jada spoke to the thousands of pages that contains the TPP and why public consultations did not take place before the Government started negotiating with the countries involved in its implementation.  She also touched on the idea that today's youth are tomorrows constituents and that Governments should not only pay attention to what they are getting involved in but also listen to their needs for their futures.

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